Revive Back: Is It Your Solution For Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most researched topics online, and its one of the most asked about issues because at one time or another many of us wrestle with it. In fact, its estimated that Americans spend billions of dollars annually to get lower back pain under control. Solutions often involve physical therapy, chiropractor visits and over the counter and medical grade pain killers, but many readers want to know if there is a system that can provide professional grade results at home. In the past the answer would have been no, but now thats changed due to the release of a new FDA cleared device called Revive Back.

The Revive Back system was designed to provide relief from a whole host of issues, including chronic backache, tendonitis, poor circulation, arthritis, headaches, migraines, and pain from sciatic nerve issues. The fact that this system is cleared by the FDA has caused a lot of chatter on consumer discussion boards and blogs. But whats also causing a great deal of excitement is the fact that its lower back pain relieving abilities are based on the use of medical grade TENS technology, which until now was only available in chiropractor, doctor, and therapist offices to relieve lower back pain.

This TENS technology is now integrated into the Revive Back systems belt based design. Users simply put the belt on, select a program, and let the belt do its job. It emits tiny electrical impulses that put up a roadblock between the nerves and the brain, thereby providing instant relief that lasts for up to three hours, depending upon the program you choose. This technology has been used safely and effectively for years, and Revive Back has done extremely well in clinical studies. Since its noninvasive, it can be used as often as you want or need to: theres no limit for its use.

The Revive Back belt is designed to cover the entire lower back, and its integrated with three programs that let you individualize your lower back pain relieving program. The first program just lets you target back pain so that its relieved for 30 to 60 minutes after your session is over. The second and third programs also trigger endorphin release, which extends pain relief for up to three hours. While lower back pain relief is great for your psyche, its also great for your body because this down time allows it time to begin the healing process while getting some much needed relaxation.

Visiting the Revive Back website is a great way to get more information on this system. You also get to meet the professionals whove endorsed it, including Dr. Frank Cohen, a renowned chiropractor, and Maureen Solomon, a physical therapist. You also get to meet individuals whove actually used the Revive Back system to effectively eliminate chronic back pain. Testimonials and consumer reviews are a great way to get the inside track on these kinds of systems.

Right now the Revive Back system is selling on its home site for $ 199.99, and it arrives with everything you need to get this device up an running right away. This includes the belt, gel pads, and a carrying case, as well as a set of quick start instructions. They are also offering a 60 day money back guarantee, so theres no risk involved in giving this system a try.

Lower back pain can make your life much harder, and the Revive Back system was designed to make your life easier by providing noninvasive, drug free pain relief using clinically proven technology. Taking a look at the science used to design it, as well as checking out what your peers have to say about it on consumer rating and review sites, are both great ways to find out if this system is the solution for your lower back pain.

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