Relationship between Upper Back Pain and neck pillows

Upper back pain which is also called middle back pain or thoracic pain is pain that is felt between the bottom of the neck and the top of the lumbar spine.

The most common cause of upper back pain is believed to originate from muscularbiritation or other soft tissue problems. These can arise from lack of strength, poor posture, overuse injuries (such as repetitive motion), or trauma (such as a car accident or sports injuries).shoulder and neck pain may accompany upper back pain. Whatever the cause of the pain, exercise may help to alleviate it in many individuals. It is always wise to consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Chronic upper back pain affects the thoracic region of the spine. Pain in this area can be caused by muscles aches, arthritis or even a herniated disc.

Exercise/Active and passive physical therapy, joint manipulation (as commonly performed by chiropractors, physical therapists, or osteopathic physicians), deep massage, acupuncture, ice and/or hot therapy, analgesics (such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are but some of the methods used to treat upper back pain. If there is a specific tender spot, then trigger point massage or injections can be helpful.

Poor neck posture resulting from pillows that lack proper support may cause snoring, headaches, insomnia, numbness in the arms and hands and neck pain or stiffness. Since we spend about one third of our life sleeping, a considerable part of an acute and chronic neck pain management strategy should include neck pillows. Compared to standard pillow an experimental neck pillow proved to be effective in reducing morning neck pain and weekly disability index

Supportive neck pillows are widely used in patients with neck pain to reduce and get better quality of sleep. A tasted pillow with a good shape; comfort and supports the neck lordosis can reduce neck pain and headache and give a better sleep quality.

Choosing the right neck pillow can be very difficult, especially with the vast array of neck pillows available on the market today. It all depends on the kind of relief and comfort you desire from the neck pillow. There are neck pillows that give you upper back pain relief, support, traction or headache relief or maybe a neck pillow that you can use when travelling. There are some people who are predominately side sleepers, others are back sleepers. Some people use their neck pillows to help alleviate headaches, neck pains, stiffness, shoulder pains, numbness and tingling, even snoring. Everyone has a different medical history, and their needs in neck pillows vary.

A neck pillow restores the normal neck posture while supporting the head and neck, and decreases neck pain and discomfort while sleeping.

Having a good neck pillow can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep. Some neck pillows are made for acute neck pain, chronic neck pain, and supportive care and even travel purposes. It is vitally important that you get the right neck pillow fit so that you can sleep comfortably, allowing your body to heal.

You may be wondering where to obtain good neck pillows that will help you against upper back pain. You can visit and choose from the wide range of excellent pillows that are suited for your needs.

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