Prevention and Treatment of Back Pain

Treatment of back pain begins by knowing its cause. It can start from wrong sleeping position, bad posture or injury from playing sports. Depending on how severe the pain is, treating back pain can take at least a week and may last for up to a month. If you’re experiencing back pain most of the time, here are the things you might consider doing.

If you often wake up with a tremendous pain in the back, better change your bed mattress. It’s probably softer than how it should be. Your mattress should be firm enough to position your spine correctly while sleeping. You see, a comfortable mattress is not just about softness, especially if you have a back problem. Look for a mattress that is unyielding but still comfortable to sleep in.

Another thing you can do is to check your weight. Being overweight is one of the leading causes of back pain. This is because your upper body’s weight has become too heavy for your lower body to support, thus straining your back. Exercise is the best way to address this. You can lose weight and at the same time help strengthen your muscles on the knees, ankles, and hips. 

A popular way of relieving back pain is heat therapy. With heat therapy, blood flow is increased and spasms are reduced. Common types of heat therapy used are heat wraps and hot baths. This is very relaxing and is proven effective to heal back pains. Avoid getting in cold places because this will increase the pain all the more. That’s why it’s common for people with scoliosis to be attacked by severe back pains during cold seasons. 

Massage is another common treatment for back pains. You can go to a professional massage therapist for a whole body massage or a chair massage. This will help you relax and loosen up those tight back muscles. Also, you may include stretching to your daily routine as this may help prevent muscle strain before doing any exercise or heavy work.

Some back pains are not that serious and can be dealt with by over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. There are some cases however, like serious back injuries and scoliosis that needs professional medical attention or surgery.

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