Preventing Back And Neck Pain Issues

Pain in the back and neck can be debilitating and make any movement or exercise burdensome. This condition is one of the most common reasons for missing work, around half of all working Americans complain of back pain problems each year, and around thirty-one million will have issues at some point or another.

It can be caused by a number of different things, including strain, overworking, heredity, loss of muscle strength, and other medical problems that are related. The majority of discomfort is caused by mechanical conditions, meaning that they are not related to inflammation or arthritis.

In other words, many of these issues are preventable and treatable, if the individual is simply willing to make an extra effort for their own wellness. What causes this pain and strain that can be so uncomfortable?

The back is one of the most complicated structures in the human body. It is an interconnected mass of tissues, tendons, bones, and muscles that, when working properly in tandem, can accomplish some truly amazing things.

However, when any of these parts is not functioning properly, it can mean stress and ache for the individual who is suffering. There are definitely small adjustments and things that can be done to prevent and change the effects that these issues can have on your physical and mental well-being.

The first thing that one must remember is to be mentally present and aware of their body and its functioning. Humans are made up of interconnecting systems and parts that must work together adequately and healthfully or else they cannot properly perform.

Postural alignment may be one of the major problems that affect how your back and neck feel from one day to the next. If you are constantly slouching or placing your spine out of line, it can put unnecessary pressure on the wrong areas inside your back.

The constant pressure on these joints and vertebrae can cause inflammation and pain. Being aware of the position of your body and realizing that you are slouching as you sit will make it easier to adjust this problem and straighten your spine.

Slouching may seem like something very small, something that your grandmother or mother hounded you about simply because it was unattractive. However, it definitely can throw your alignment off and cause pain.

Remaining aware of your body also means recognizing how your muscles, joints, and bones behave and feel when you are performing certain types of physical activity. If you are feeling pressure or discomfort when performing a certain workout or type of exercise, it is probably a good idea to refrain from doing so in the future.

Being in tune with the systems and your feelings can help prevent further neck and spine damage or aching. A lack of muscle strength could also be a large factor in the persistence of affliction.

Strengthening the core and abdominal muscles can actually supplement a lack of strength and mass within the back. Very often, individuals try to perform daily or physical activities that they do not have enough power to.

Creating a strong core is one of the best ways to give support to less powerful areas like the back and neck and prevent them from experiencing anymore aching than they should. It can also be a preventative way to stop this kind of discomfort in its tracks and keep it from affecting you negatively.

It almost goes without saying that being active and getting a healthy amount of exercise can do wonders for the body. Strength training will help the core to prepare adequately to support the other regions of the back.

Cardiovascular exercise is also vital; not only does it get rid of excess weight that can be damaging to the back, but it blasts fat, challenges the heart and lungs, and burns calories. The systems within can greatly improve because of cardio; it increases the amount of oxygen that travels through the bloodstream and is delivered to the organs.

Those that are already experiencing discomfort may want to start out slowly; try utilizing a seated exercise bike or an elliptical machine. Both of these are low impact cardio options that do not place excess strain on the joints.

Paying close attention to the feelings of your body while ridding yourself of extra weight and fat and strengthening muscles should help prevent and treat any issues that you have with chronic aches. If you notice that they do not disappear with home treatment, visit your doctor and ask for more guidance.

Jack R. Landry has been writing about the exercise and health industry for years. He recommends using a treadmill to stay healthy and fit.

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