Pregnancy Back Pain – Learn The Major Causes

Pregnancy back pain or discomfort is extremely common, with most pregnant women complaining of pain on a daily basis. Such pain may be felt or experienced during any trimester of your pregnancy. However, discomfort is more common during the later terms of a pregnancy as the fetus increases in weight.

Various medical surveys show back pain to be a problem that 50 to 70 percent of all pregnant women suffer with. As with any ailment, it is always wise to consult a physician to pinpoint the reasons behind the problem so that they may be properly addressed.

Pregnancy back pain is a nuisance as the pain can disrupt a woman’s daily routine or inhibit her from getting a full night’s rest. This is why it is a good idea to understand what causes these types of pains, so that you can take the proper measures to relieve or prevent them.

So what are some of the causes of back pain during pregnancy? There are many factors that play into back problems for pregnant women. Some women experience lower back problems as early as the very beginning of the pregnancy, with women who are overweight or who have had back problems prior to pregnancy being more susceptible. The reason for this is the many different reasons that can cause back pains during pregnancy.

A major potential cause for discomfort in the back during pregnancy is the sudden increase of hormones. When a woman is pregnant, her body produces extra hormones that allow for her ligaments in her pelvic area, softening her joints, loosening her up for the birthing process soon to come. Although these shifts and changes in ligaments and joints prepare the woman for the delivery of her child, these very shifts and changes may affect the support of her back.

Another cause for pain, one that usually arises during the later trimesters, is when the center of gravity shifts. A woman’s center of gravity gradually moves forward as her uterus and baby gain weight. This causes the posture to change which can cause back problems. Regular stretching can help relieve this pain as the spine becomes more limber, better accommodating the change in posture.

Aside from the shift in center of gravity, the additional weight of the developing baby is another culprit behind pregnancy back pain. The additional weight, which is distinct from the shift in center of gravity, is additional weight that her back must support. A good way to treat this would be to strengthen the back muscles so that it can more easily support the added weight of the baby.

In addition to these factors that create problems, poor posture, excessive standing, repeatedly bending over, and even stress can exacerbate the pain. All these factors can work individually or together, creating specialized reasons for such problems.

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