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Phoenix Chiropractic Series: Back Pain

Back pain results from a complex combination of factors, incluiding posture, congenital disorders, and attitudes toward life. Viewing your back pain as an illness isolated from the rest of your life may keep you from changing your habits that may be perpetuating it.

Back problems do not occur in a vaccum. The spine is not an isolated body part. For a theraputic approach to chronic back pain or neck starin to succeed, the spine must be seen as an integtral componet of a whole human bieng.

The state of your back is influenced by, your genitic heritage, home, work, transportation, play, family and community, also your hopes, dreams, abilities, triumphs, and tragedies, your nutrition, body weight and fat distribution, not to mention prescription and “recreational” drugs.

Over the years Chiropractic Phoenix chiropractors have seen these factors contribute positively or negatively to your health of our patients and the health of our clients back. To be successful, back care must also take into account your whole being. Your whole body affects your back. The mechanical funtion of your spine affects and is affected by the alignment, flexibility, and strength of many parts of the body, including:

Foot,knee, amd leg alignment
Muscle strenght of legs, buttocks,back, and abdominal wall
Abdominal protrusion (as with a beer belly or pregnancy)
Hip Flexibility
The position of the pelvis (tilted forward, back, or to either side)
The shape and flexibility of the lumbar( lower back) spinal curve
The shape and flexibility of the thoraic (upper back) spinal curve
Shoulder carriage and the mobility of the arms at the shoulder joints
The shape of the cervical (neck) spinal curve
The position of the head in relation to the shoulders

At Phoenix Chiropractic we see for example, if your shoulder joints cant move freely, you will compensate by over arching your lower back when you reach overhead. Misalignments of your feet, knees, and legs (for example, pigeon toes, flat feet, and leg length differences) are tranferred upward, distorting your pelvis and spine. If your head is held forward of your shoulders, the muscles of your neck and upperback must overwork, creating neck pain and tension headaches.

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