Natural Treatments for Back Pain

Back Pain is a frustrating problem for many people. This is a kind of ailment that people face every day because it can happen anytime and anywhere. Normally, lower back pain can stop within hours but because of some underlying diseases it can last longer.

For immediate relief of back pain, here are the natural treatments. Read on.

Body mechanics – Proper posture should be done so that back hurt will not occur. Have a proper body posture when lifting, picking or just by sitting or standing.

Massage – Massage is a natural way to treat an aching back. There are several massage techniques that can be applied to relieve lower back pain. It can be Shiatsu, Swedish or Thai massage.

Rubbing creams can be combined while having a massage to make it more efficient. These topical rubbing creams can be made from mentholated herbs.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is also a non surgical method that helps relieve back pain. It only uses fine needles place in the different points in the body to cure certain ailments including pain in the back.

Herbal remedies – Herbal remedies can also have a relieving effect on the back. Some of these are:

• Ginger roots
• Willow bark
• Chili pepper (capsaicin)
• Green tea
• Mustard seed
• Eucalyptus leaves

These herbs can be placed directly on the back or it can be used as a tea to treat back pain.

Medicines – There are drugs that can be purchased over the counter to treat an aching back. These are as follows:

• Analgesics
• Anti-inflammatory drugs
• Muscle relaxants
• Pain killers
• Cortisone injections

Although these are chemically based, some of these drugs can be derived from natural herbs and plants so it is still a natural way to cure backache.

Exercise – Back exercise techniques can also relieve back pain. A professional physical therapist can help you do some back exercises to cure the pain in the back.

Water therapy – There are different types of water therapy that can be implemented to treat lower back pain. Here are some:

• Hot shower or a nice soak in the bath tub – to relax the muscles
• 8 glasses of water taken in everyday – to flush toxins in the kidneys
• Heat pads with hot water or ice packs

These methods are quite effective and natural.

Yoga – Yoga is an ancient Indian meditation technique that uses some form of exercise and mind relaxation. Yoga helps relieve strain in the muscles and the bones using yoga exercises with a combination of a relaxing mind and body meditation.

Spinal manipulation – Spinal manipulation or chiropractic therapy is a method where the chiropractor will gently align the bones in the back therefore, relieving you from an aching back.

Pilates – Pilates is also a new method of exercise to release tension in the muscles and the bones. Just like Yoga, Pilates uses some exercise techniques with a Pilates equipment to help alleviate back pain.

These are some of the natural ways on how to treat an aching back. It is still advisable to ask assistance from a doctor to properly diagnose and cure back pain.

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