Muscles Are the Most Common Cause of Low Back Pain

Muscles are the cause of most low back pain. And that’s good news. Why? Because muscles and soft tissues can be treated naturally.

Now this is interesting. Sometimes the muscles that cause pain in your low back are actually IN your lower back. Sometimes the muscles causing your pain are in your legs or even in your abdomen!

When you were a small child you probably had awesome posture; most children do. Your little head was directly over your shoulders and they were in a straight line over your hips. You had perfectly balanced posture and that is how you were able to get up on your feet and walk.

But over the years, some muscles got out of balance. Perhaps this happened because of furniture you sat in that didn’t fit too well. Maybe it happened because you had an injury and began to favor an area to prevent pain. Maybe you were “too tall.” Regardless of the reason, it happened.

Now, bodies like to have balance. We were built to have muscular balance. When you are in balance, you will have beautiful posture. Just as when you were a small child, your head will be directly over your shoulders and the curves in your back will balance each other.

What happens is this. When some of your muscles are “too tight” they will actually pull bones out of alignment. You see, muscles move bones. It’s possible then to have a bone pressing on a nerve and causing sciatic pain or referred pain in your gluteal (butt) muscles, leg or even foot.

More commonly, however, is your”too tight” muscles may be compressing a nerve or causing trigger points (crabby areas of muscle or soft tissue that cause pain elsewhere.) Sometimes these trigger points are in your abdominal muscles.

Additionally, leg muscles that are out of balance (usually shorter and tighter in front than on the back side) can pull on your pelvic bones. This causes muscle tension in your lower back.

As I mentioned at the beginning, most back pain is caused by your muscles. And that is truly good news because it can be treated naturally with some help from you.

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