Lower Back Exercises Are Great For Easing Back Pain

Lower back exercises are really important for the health of your spine. They help you build a strong core muscles which is the backbone of a good physique. Targeted exercises are one of the best conservative methods of treating lower back pain. These exercises, in particular can help to strengthen this part of the body, thus warding off problems in the region. If you want to prevent the development of or stop back pain a steady routine of lower back exercises is the answer.


Muscles are the spine’s main defence against gravity. Muscles that frequently receive oxygen-rich blood stay healthier, they receive this oxygen-rich blood through exercise. Those that are weak will be poorly co-ordinated and tire easily, and will be unable to protect the spine from damage. However, muscles that are strong and supple will be able to work longer without tiring, and give the spine the protection it needs.


Strengthening the muscles that support the spine with exercises, can prevent, reduce and even eliminate back pain. Shortened muscles can throw the spine out of alignment, the muscles involved can be back, buttocks, and even hamstrings (back of thigh muscles) or quadriceps (front of thigh muscles), these can affect the alignment of the spine. Stretching the back with stretching exercises also increases mobility of the joints of the spine.


The primary goals of an exercise program for your spine are to make the muscles of your back, stomach, hips and thighs strong and flexible thereby reducing the pressure on your spinal discs. The lower back muscles work with the abdominal muscles in order to keep the spine stable, improve sports performance, and decrease the risk of injury or back pain. So, I recommend that you include back exercises in your workout to balance the strength between your abs and back, and to support your spine and posture. The lower part of your spine supports the upper part of your body, so it must be kept strong and healthy.

Lower back exercises are important for overall core strength, yet so many people neglect the these muscles in their core training routine. These exercises will improve your posture and help you to stop slouching. They will also help to make everyday activities a lot easier, allowing more energy to have fun. When properly implemented and given some thought the use of such exercises to relieve back pain can be a pleasant and beneficial experience to a pain free back.

About the Author
John Emmanuel is a sport therapist, who has worked with individuals with back pain problems for over seven years.

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