Is There Back Pain Relief When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time of great change for the body. Women will not only experience hormonal changes, but the body will change as well. Feet and hands swell, balance and vision may become impaired, diet and exercise preferences change, and weight is gained in excess in the stomach region. Most of the weight is blood and fluids to protect the fetus from outside harm. As necessary as it is, the added weight can put a huge strain on the body, especially the back.

The extra weight not only puts a bigger demand and strain on the body, it will also affect posture. Proper posture is pregnancy is difficult, but very helpful in preventing back pain. Stress and loosening joints may also contribute to back pain. The joints in the pelvic region loosen in anticipation of delivering the baby. They will not be supporting the back as well and this will likely cause pain. Stress looks for the weak spot in the body.

Back pain in pregnant women usually cannot be completely eliminated. The extra weight simply places too much stress on the body. There are techniques that may reduce and relieve the pain. Being proactive in preventing back pain early on in the pregnancy will help in the later and heavier months. Try to get plenty of rest. Wear supportive shoes and clothes. Gently exercise to prevent too much weight gain and to keep muscles strong.

If back pain is already a problem and preventative care is too late, there are ways to sooth the pain. Treatments for pregnancy back pain are similar to treatments for any type of back pain. Heat and cold treatments will sooth sore or swollen muscles and ease the pain. Consult with a doctor about safe medications. Take something that will help with the swelling. If possible, do not sleep on your back.

Doctors recommend sleeping on the left side and using as many support pillows as necessary. This is good for the back and safer for the baby than sleeping on the back. If the belly is very heavy, consider getting a band to support and pull up the belly. This will help with the strain on the back and body. Many spas and doctors offices offer maternity massages. These massages are intended to address the back and body problems that women experience while pregnant.

If back pain becomes severe or feels like cramps, it is time to contact a doctor. The pain could be an indication of a pregnancy induced disease, or labor. Back pain during pregnancy is unavoidable. Try to squat instead of bending over when picking something up. Consider joining a pre-natal yoga classes.

Pre-natal instructors are trained to safely help stretch and strengthen the back and body during pregnancy. Take a walk every day. Mild to moderate exercise is safe and encouraged during normal pregnancies. Keep in contact with a doctor about any back or body pains during pregnancy. Most are normal, but when it doubt, it is always safer to be evaluated by a trained professional.

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