Helpful Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain can occur when doing something very physical or it can happen just from sitting looking at your computer too long. Following are some tips to help you avoid getting back pain.

When you decide to plant a garden don’t try to do it all in one day. You will be doing a lot of bending over that you may not be used to and the next day you will be feeling it in your back and probably a lot of other muscles. So plan each day to only spend a couple of hours to start with so that your body can get used to the bending and digging you will be doing.

If you go on a site seeing trip be sure to wear comfortable shoes and if you are carrying a backpack or even just a purse be sure to adjust the weight you are carrying so that it won’t put a lot of stress on your lower back. If carrying a bag that hangs over your shoulder switch it to the opposite arm after a while so that one side of your body doesn’t get overused and the muscles on part of your back get overextended.

If you have to sit for a long time at a computer for many hours each day try to sit up straight as much as you can and stretch your back. Slouching can be hard on the discs in your spine and this may lead to back pain. Also speaking of the discs if you are a smoker smoking has been shown to increase lumbar disc degeneration. When you smoke it diminishes the amount of oxygen going to the spinal tissues.

Most back injuries come from picking up something heavy the wrong way. When you have to lift heavy objects be sure to bend your knees so that you don’t use only your back to pick something up.

Be sure to do exercises that can help strengthen your back. Even walking daily can help by strengthening your legs so that when you do have to use your back your legs will be stronger to help you. Begin slowly doing exercises if your back is very painful. But do something because just sitting or laying down all day will not help to get your back better.

As you can see if you are just cleaning your house or you work all day at a desk job or if you are a bricklayer any of these can cause problems with your back. So try using some of the above tips and maybe you will be able to avoid getting a backache or help the one you have go away.

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