Heat Therapy- A Remedy For Lower Back Pain

If it’s about curing lower back pain, you’ve more than just one treatment option at your aid, heat therapy being one of them. Heat therapy is a straightforward and no-nonsense approach of handling lower back pain. It demands application of heat to the pain inflicted area and offers relief.

Heat therapy has been utilized for treating several types of lower back pain including sciatica. It is usually used when back pain is caused as a result of over exertion. Over exertion results in tension in the muscles and soft tissues that surround the spine. This results in pain. Heat therapy eases the muscle tension and hence provides discomfort alleviation.

Amongst different other treatment options for sciatica and other forms of lower back pain, heat therapy is regarded as the most effective. The cause behind the same is that heat therapy works in more than just one way to offer relief. Firstly, it dilates the blood vessels that surround the lumbar spine. Subsequently, the flow of oxygen and other nutrients reaching the spine is increased significantly. This boosts the healing process. Further on, application of heat at the site of pain stimulates the sensory receptors. As a result, the pain signals aren’t transmitted to the brain. This again helps ease the discomfort.

In case your lower back pain has come as an after effect of some accident or shock, heat therapy is the best choice. It is going to work to decrease the stiffness in the muscles due to shock or injury and lessen pain. Additionally, you will experience lesser tension in the muscles of your lower back after applying heat therapy.

When using heat therapy for treating back pain, you’ve the choice of picking between dry heat and moist heat. Dry heat refers to the use of devices such as electric heating pads and saunas. They draw out the moisture from the body and offer heat. On the contrary, moist heat therapy requires the penetration of heat into the muscles. This is done using hot water baths or moist heating pads.

To cure your lower back pain via heat therapy you can also use devices such as the hot water bottle, heat wraps, electric heating pads, heated gel packs and the like. Each one of these devices incorporates a different technology but they serve the same purpose of providing heat to your lower back area to relieve you against pain.

Use heat therapy for sciatica and other forms of lower back pain and treat the problem naturally.

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