Healing Back Aches & Pains

Everyone gets back aches and pains every now and then and they can come from various sources of pain. It doesn’t matter whether you have been working at the computer for to long, standing on your feet working as a cashier or you just to long a walk with your new puppy, back aches and pains are just that. They seem to come at the worst time and can affect anyone and everyone. So what do you do to heal and work through them that doesn’t take a lot of time or money or countless trips to healers or doctors.

For the short onset of pain or discomfort, I suggest laying down on your stomach on a flat surface, such as a healing table, massage table, even your bed if you have to. Make sure you are comfortable as you can be at that moment and take some deep breaths. Now either place, or have someone else place three pieces of Petrified Wood on your back equally distant from your neck to your tailbone. The Petrified Wood’s properties will draw out the aches and pains in your back while realigning the energy running through these chakras at the same time. Make sure you have about 15 minutes to spare doing this session.

Now if you have longer back pain issues that are reoccurring, you can wear a reverse pendant. A reverse pendant is one that is worn with the Petrified Wood resting on your back, not on your chest. This will draw the blocked or stagnant energy up and out through this as well as help align the energy flow through your back and chakras. This should be word for at least 6 hours a day for 5 days in a row to receive the best results. You can find Petrified Wood at any local holistic or metaphysical store.

For more information, online courses, programs, healing and much more visit us at http://www.healingartforms.com

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