Have a Pain-Free Workout – The 3 Best Ways to Prevent Back Pains

Did you know that 80% of the American population has experienced back pains at one point in their lives? Whether its’ caused by a sudden movement, spending a restless night tossing and turning in bed, improper posture or if it is the after-effects of a strenuous workout, there’s no doubt that back pains is one of the most common problems that a lot of people experience on a daily basis.

Now, if your back pain is related to a physical workout session, what are the ways that you can prevent them from happening? Take a look at the three best ways to prevent this type of muscular pain from occurring:

1. Take on the proper posture when lifting weights.

One of the most common causes of back pain while working out in the gym is not taking on the proper posture when lifting weights. Any sudden movements, when combined with the strain of the weights that you will lift – can easily cause an exercise-related injury.

So what should be your proper posture when lifting weights? In order for you not to put undue stress on your back, lift the object using the power of your legs. Keep your back straight and keep the weights close to your body. Don’t make jerky movements, lift the dumbbells using one smooth, flowing motion.

This will not just prevent muscular pains from occurring but it will also produce the best results out of the workout that you are doing.

2. Don’t forget to do some stretching and warm up exercises.

This is another reason why back pains typically occur during strenuous workouts in the gym. If you fail to do some stretching and warm up exercises, you are not preparing your muscles for the wear and tear that it will be subject to.

As such, it does pay to spend the extra minutes doing warm up and stretching exercises rather than putting yourself at risk of suffering muscle-related pains and injuries.

3. Take care of your back through walking.

If you’re not the type to spend some serious workout time in the gym, take care of your back by walking. This is one of the best physical activities to benefit your back because that walking motion gently pulls and moves the bones in your spine. What it does is to strengthen the muscle while lubricating the facet joints. Swimming and cycling are other sports activities which are kind to your spine.

If you want to stop popping pain killers every time you have a back pain attack, start following these tips so that you can have an ouch-free workout time.

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