Exercising Your Way Out Of Back Pain

Having a strong and healthy back is the key to overall body health. And the health of the back itself strongly relies on a set of factors, including overall physical activity, posture, stress levels and muscle conditions. Quite often, painful sensations in the back result from back and abdominal muscles being too weak or developed disproportionately, which makes it hard to keep normal posture all the time. That is the main reason why the majority of doctors instead of prescribing bed time to back pain patients strongly encourage mild physical activity that would help develop those muscles. Coupled with the use of analgesics like Tramadol this is a much more effective and proactive method of dealing with back pain than simple rest.

Being physically active and putting your back muscles to work will not only help eliminate painful sensations but will also prevent them in the future. However, not every type of exercise will do and your doctor will develop a special exercise program in order to target the specific muscles in the back and abdomen that are causing pain due to their improper functioning. That’s why rushing to the gym without your doctor’s consultation will likely make you pop Tramadol for weeks afterwards.

The most effective forms of exercise for back pain involve stretching, endurance training, flexing and muscle buildup. There are a lot of exercise programs that are based on these activities, so your doctor will have a variety options to recommend. Some of the most common and effective exercise programs that can help against back pain include:

Tai Chi Chuan: This mild form of martial arts is perfect for providing a good exercise to the body while keeping the mind in focus as well. Most of the movements involved in this technique help relax the muscles and get rid of the tension in the body. Doctors often prescribe Tai Chi Chuan in combination with pain relief medications such as Tramadol.

Yoga: One of the most popular of Oriental physical and mental relaxation methods, yoga comes in a variety of styles that help improve physical and mental abilities and also provide effective pain relief for certain conditions. All forms of yoga have a strong focus on posture and back strength and flexibility, so those suffering from back pain will surely benefit from employing this activity. However, it’s recommended to consult with your instructor in order to make sure that the type of yoga you’ve chosen will be helpful for your particular form of back pain.

Chi Kung: Also referred to as Qigong, is a traditional Chinese breathing exercise system that also puts a strong emphasis on posture. It is a very effective way for dealing with stress and relaxing the muscles, which is very helpful for relieving different types of back pain.

Feldenkrais Method: This technique focuses of body awareness and right ways of performing any movements with your limbs. Coupled with painkiller medications this method is often prescribed for back pain relief.

Buteyko Breathing Technique: This method developed by Russian specialists involves special slow breathing technique that is used to provide muscle relaxation, which is very beneficial for relieving chronic back pain of various kinds.

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