Discover Back Pain Relief With Effective Back Pain Exercises

Back pain has many causes and many solutions center on exercises. The muscles in the back help to support the spine and body. Strengthening these muscles will help treat and prevent back pain. Core exercises strengthen the back muscles and abdominal muscles, taking pressure off of the back and potentially reducing or eliminating back pain.

Begin any core strengthening exercises by stretching the body, paying special attention to the back and core. Short or tight muscles can throw the spine out of alignment, putting stress on the back and causing back pain. Stretching can also increase mobility in the joints and promote good posture. Proper posture also prevents back pain by reducing the stress. In short, a strong and healthy body will go a long way in treating and preventing this condition.

An effective exercise routine should be started off slow, as to prevent injury. Start out exercising every other day and work up endurance slowly. The most effective back exercises center around the core. The Bridge exercise entails lying on the ground in the back. Raise the back off the ground, keeping the feet on the floor and the knees on a 90-degree angle. Tighten the abs and buttocks and hold for five seconds. Repeat 5-15 times depending on how strong the back and core muscles already are. This will strengthen the back, butt, and abs. Do not overdo it.

The Plank and the Side Plank will help strengthen the abs, back, and neck. Wall Squats and a variety of leg exercises will also help with the core and back. When performing leg exercises, make sure to only lift one leg off the floor at a time. Lifting both legs at the same time will put unnecessary stress on the lower back.
It is important to remember to do the appropriate number of repetitions and sets to promote strength, but prevent injury. Too much too soon will only cause further back ailment.

Balancing exercises and low impact aerobic activity are also very effective ways to treat back pain. Balancing exercises, if done regularly and correctly, will strengthen the core muscles that support the back. Aerobics help to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight will take the pull off the back that is usually caused by extra weight in the stomach.

As with any exercise routine, it is very important to remember that if the exercise is painful it is not helping. An exercise being difficult and being painful are two different things. Exercise should challenge the body, pushing it to grow stronger. Pain means that either the body is not yet strong enough or the exercise is not being performed properly. Consistency is key with any exercise routine.

Continue working to strengthen the back and core with exercise every other day. Slowly increase repetitions and sets to see long-term results. If exercise remains painful or the pain does not subside, contact a doctor for a further evaluation and treatment recommendations.

Discover effective back pain relief and get the additional health benefits from proven back pain exercises that will help you to get rid of back pain.

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