Combined Yoga Exercises For Fast Back Pain Relief

In this exercise, I’m going to show you a combination of exercises that we’ve learned before in other videos which you can find in my websites. So if you’re watching this one now, and you want to learn the different components, go to my websites, click the link. There is also a link on the bottom part of my video. Go that website, sign up and get my videos for free. Now, I will be using a sticky mat. But you may also use a floor that has traction. A slippery surface is not advisable for this exercise. But I prefer a sticky mat. A yoga mat is intended to have traction. It’s not intended to be slippery. You should not slip on the mat when your hands perspire when you perform the exercises or yoga poses. Buy a mat, if you don’t have one already, or if you have the slippery mat. Again, find a mat that is sticky. You can buy this from my website, or you can buy it from a yoga studio or online, or at Walmart, or other places. The mat is not primarily for padding, it’s not for show, unless you go to a class and impress your friends. A sticky mat will really help you in these exercises. So, I start out by standing on the mat, with my feet hip-width distance apart, facing forward. I’m going to press my weight evenly across my feet, balancing it across my feet. I’ll let my weight to be centered just in front of the heels, in between the arc of the feet and the heel. And then I’m going to reach up towards the ceiling, lift both of my arms over my head, keep them straight, parallel to the body. Then I’m going to drop my weight into my heels a little bit more. If you cannot keep your arms straight and vertical, you may take them into a “V” position. And I press into my feet, and I lift my arms, and I lengthen my body, and drop my weight more into my heels. And then I bend forward at the waist, keeping my body arched. Then I touch the floor if I can. If you can’t do it, that’s ok. Then I step my right foot backward, and then my left foot backward, balancing my weigh on my fingertips, then I press my palms down on the mat, the middle finger facing forward. Palms flat on the mat. I’m on the balls of my feet here. So my heels are raised. And then I bend knees a little bit, and straighten my arms, and lift my buttocks. Well, I have one long line from my fingertips to my buttocks. Then I’m going to start to straighten my legs, dropping my heels down to the floor a little bit. Now, your body should be in an inverted “V” shape on the mat. And then drop my heels further into the floor. If it does not reach the floor, that’s ok. Then bend your knees and move your body forward. Then drop your body slowly into the ground. Tuck your elbows close to your body; legs ramrod straight, buttocks and quadriceps working hard. Do not press your body and your weight into the ground. Just hover about a half to one inch from the floor. This uses up a lot of upper body strength. And then, lift your chest, arch your back upward, using your arms minimally. Then lift your buttocks and go back into the inverted “V” shape position. I’m on the balls of my feet. Then I step forward with my right foot, and then to my left. So my feet are now parallel. Then straighten your legs. Then to stand up place your hands on your hips, work your quadriceps, and lift yourself up, and come back into the raised arm position. And you can repeat the exercise. I usually alternate which foot steps back first. You can repeat with a cycle of ten. This is a great exercise. It’s a dynamic exercise for lengthening and strengthening the core musculature of the body and the base of support of the spine. It’s fabulous for releasing the back. Have fun.

It’s so easy to do this exercise. Its hassle free, it doesn’t require much space, and you can do this in the privacy of your home. What’s more this exercise relieves lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, all sorts of back pains fast. Try it, and see for yourself. To get the free video of today’s featured exercise visit Register, and grab the video and all the other videos absolutely free, no hidden charges whatsoever. What are you waiting for? Grab one now, and take your first step to a newer, healthier you.

Manny Aragon is an advanced practitioner of Structural Integration, having provided health resources for people with back pain problems for over a decade. For more information visit or

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