Causes of Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a condition which starts from the lower back and travels down to the leg making you feel extremely painful. Sciatica is caused by rritation of the sciatic nerve – the biggest nerve in the body.


The first and the most obvious symptom of sciatica is pain that seems like a burning sensation. It may cause numbness or a tingling feeling that passes along the lower back, to the thigh and back of the leg. Due to this, the person may find walking a difficult task.


Pain that is experienced becomes worse while the person is sitting, besides, a shooting pain may cause standing up quite difficult. This is why the sufferer may have to lie down for a while. He or she may not be able to move the leg or foot as comfortably as a normal person can.


The pain may at times also travel down to the foot or a toe, depending on which sciatic nerve has been affected causing these symptoms. Feelings of weakness and low levels of energy may also result, creating problems for the individual in carrying out daily activities.


The sensation of pain is similar to a feeling of pins and needles being poked in one area. The intensity of pain may vary from one person to another. For some people the sciatica pain can be severe and unbearable, while for the others it may be infrequent.


Some may experience a constant pain in one side of the buttock. It usually has the tendency of intensifying gradually, if proper treatment is not given.


Another symptom that is associated with sciatica is loss of bladder or bowel control. This is one symptom that should be taken of care immediately, apart from the pain factor. It is wise to seek a doctor’s help since the very beginning, without allowing the pain to build up further.


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