Causes of Low Back Pain

Many of us suffer from low back pain. It is amazing that most of these problems are preventable. Generally, the majority of low back pain is coming from incorrect sitting, incorrect posture and improper lifting. For whatever reason, we become lazy and take shortcuts. This puts extra burden on the lower back which can lead to discomfort and pain.

The lower back consist of five intervertebral discs. These are often referred to as the lumbar. These discs are stacked on top of each other. They are separated by soft tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The bones provide the structure and rigidity while the soft tissue provides for flexibility.

We are more susceptible to problems in the lower back as we age. This is compounded by the changes in our work habits. Many of our work hours are spent sitting in fixed positions. This is especially true for those who work on computers.

The lower back needs to maintain its flexibility. This is important for our normal mobility. If the back becomes stiff, then it loses its flexibility. This situation can be more susceptible to injury and discomfort.

One of the causes of low back pain is when the joints fail to function properly. Between each of the cervical discs, there is soft tissue. This holds the discs together. There are certain conditions which may impact the joint from functioning properly. This can lead to stiffness in muscle pain.

Another impact to the low back is strain and tension to the muscles of the spine. This is often referred to as myofascial pain. This occurs when there is more stress put on this area than usual. This may come from being seated in a certain position or from overexertion and sometimes injury.

If we sit for long hours, the weight of our body is absorbed by the spinal column. If these it in and improper position, the weight may be concentrated in certain areas. This can cause fatigue to the soft tissues and muscles between the cervical discs. As these areas fatigue, they become stiff and begins to hurt.

One of the major problems of lower back pain is that you may not notice it progressing. There may be some initial tension or stiffness. This is usually just brushed off. However, the area continues to degenerate. This eventually leads to a greater level of pain and discomfort.

There are two main categories of lower back pain. The first is chronic and the second is acute. In the case of chronic back pain, it is much more serious than acute. Chronic back pain may come from serious conditions such as degenerative arthritis, degenerative disc disease or spinal disc herniation. These conditions may require surgery and physical therapy.

Acute back pain generally comes from damaged muscles, tendons, or ligaments. It generally strikes a person suddenly. This may be the result of lifting too much weight or a sudden movement of the body. These are generally treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic manipulation, exercise and massage therapy.

If you suffer from lower back pain, you should seek out natural treatments if at all possible. Stretching exercise and massage chair therapy can be very therapeutic and relieving of pain and discomfort. Check with your medical professional as to your situation and they are recommendations.

There are many ways to prevent low back pain. Make sure that your sitting in an upright position with your shoulders back area posture is very important. Also make sure that when you lift, you use your legs and not your back. Prevention is always the best medicine. The key to preventing low back pain is to maintain the flexibility of the lower back. Diet exercise stretching and massage help to maintain the vitality of the lumbar region.

Don’t let the annoyance of Lower Back Pain get you down. Find out how you can restore the proper balance and relieve aches, pains and discomforts. Get the relief you need from Low Back Pain when you need it with a massage chair. Get frequent massage therapy to relieve tight muscles.

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