Can I Prevent Back Pain by Reducing Breast Size?

Some women have very big bust sizes which prevent them from participating in normal activities. This includes sporting activities or even carrying their own children. In other cases, it ends up causing medical complications for them. This is usually evident when a woman suffers from chronic upper back pains and poor posture. This is due to all the weight that is exerted on the spine because of the weight of their breasts. In some cases, these women will tend to hunch forward in an effort to cover up the size of their busts. This tends to make the condition worse. The back pains are sometimes accompanied by neck pains, which make the situation even more stressful for the woman.

There are a couple of options available for women suffering from this problem. In severe cases, the best alternative is breast reduction surgery. This is done to reduce the bust size to one that is more manageable. This is the most permanent solution to the problem. Other options include taking medication to deal with the pain. The problem with taking medication is that, they cannot be taken for long durations as they could result in other problems. The body could get used to them to the extent that, they no longer relieve the pain. Another problem that could be associated with taking medications for long is that one can get addicted to the pain killers.

In some cases, large breast sizes are as a result of excessive body weight or in women who are obese. For such women, the problem can be corrected without reduction surgery. This is because, all they mainly need to do is lose the excessive weight through exercise and healthy dieting. This will help in reducing the overall body weight and in the process also help in reducing the breast size, as weight is lost in the whole body. Before engaging in exercises, one needs the help of a trained professional. This is because, they will be given the proper information and advice about how to exercise correctly. The advice is important in preventing injuries and in ensuring that, women get the most out of the exercises.

Wearing the correct bra size is helpful in preventing back pains. One needs their bust size measured so that they can get the right bra size. Wearing a properly fitted bra helps in fully supporting the bust and also reduces chances of pain caused by bra straps digging into ones flesh. One also needs to invest in a sports bra during sporting activities as these will provide extra support for the bust.

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