Can Back Pain Be Cured?

If you are a long time chronic back pain sufferer, it is highly unlikely you believe your pain can be stopped. If you don’t believe in the possibility of a permanent cure for your back pain, you will never find it.

Can back pain be cured? I and many others have proven that back pain can be stopped. Even the long term chronic version that I suffered from for nearly twenty years.

I can also vouch for how easy it is. In fact, many people fail because they do too much rather than not enough. And there are a lot of exercises recommended by those only trying to help that are counterproductive to getting your back straight and pain free.

While you can reduce your pain significantly just by doing a simple extension and flexing exercise program, you must be careful not to overdo the stretches. You should also allow your body time to rest between treatments. Too much rest is better than too little, though both will prevent you from becoming totally pain free.

You can also greatly reduce your time to pain freedom by adding mild inversion. You should invert for about five to ten minutes, immediately after doing your exercises.

But, no matter what kind of treatment you are doing, it requires two things to succeed that do not come with the program.

First, you must believe that your back pain can be cured. Like I said before, if you don’t believe it can be done you cannot do it. Every man and women that has stopped their own pain has started with the belief it could be done. Otherwise, they either would not have started or failed.

Secondly, you have to commit yourself totally to what you are doing. Whatever treatment you are doing, you must live it. If it says do it twice a day, then do it twice a day. And you must do it with the knowledge that it represents one step closer to freedom from back pain.

Yes, back pain can be cured. But its up to you to find a treatment you can believe in and commit to. Once you are able to do that, the cure is not far off.

Let me show you some options that I recommend

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