Back Pain Symptoms And Natural Herbal Remedies That Work

Back pain is not a disease but it is a symptom in itself for variety of problems. It is one of the most common ailment and around 80% of all men and women face at least one episode of back pain once in their life. Sometimes it occurs and gets cured on its own and no specific reason can be diagnosed. It is treated as acute if it is less than or one month old and the pain which has continued for more than 3 months is treated as chronic.

As backache is a symptom of many underlying medical conditions disorders, ailments and infection to the internal organs of abdomen, pelvis or chest can make pain to be felt in the back, such a back pain is called as referred pain. Pregnancy may also cause referred pain in the back, other problems related to kidney, aneurysms, appendicitis, bladder infection etc can cause referred backache. Apart from these, muscle sprain is the most common reason for lower or upper back pain, over used muscles or injured muscles can cause pain in the back during movement. Stretched ligaments, herniated disc, nerve impingement are other causes for backache.

Stiffness in the back is the primary symptom of backache. The stiffness in the lower back can be a symptom of many underlying reasons while in the upper back it is caused mostly due to muscle pull or stretched ligament. Conservative measures can cure mild to moderate stiffness. Pain along with stiffness in the lumbosacaral area is also a symptom of back pain. If this pain radiates front, side or back of the leg then it is a symptom of serious condition which may need immediate attention. The problems like nerve impingement, irritation of sciatica nerve and herniated disc cause shooting pain which radiates down to the leg from lower back area.

If the backache is confined to the area and gets worsened by prolonged sitting position it is also a clear symptom of back pain. Feeling of dull ache in the lower back or upper back which gets sharper during the movement is related to muscles or ligaments but a dull ache which gets worse during night or while lying down is a symptom of back pain caused other than muscular problem.

Numbness, weakness, tender points in the leg or in the back itself is also a symptom of back pain and usually these symptoms are of serious disorder or problem. Inability to standup on the toes or to move the big toe upwards suggest irritation of nerves or pinched nerves in the spinal area which shall be treated immediately.

For relieving the symptoms of back pain herbal treatments and massages with herbal oil and ointments are very safe and effective. Herbs can cure pain occurring due to muscular damage and they are also effective in alleviating the problem caused due to serious conditions like pinched nerves and herniated discs. These herbs have amazing pain inhibiting properties like that of NSAID, can improve blood flow to the affected area, can act as muscle relaxant and can also treat infection and cartilage damage.

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