Back Pain Sciatica Treatment, Causes and Symptoms That Work

Sciatica is a common form of back pain, the pain which originates from the hip or buttocks and is gradually transmitted down the thighs to the legs, ankles and toes. The term “Sciatica” refers to the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back through the buttocks passing to the legs. Sciatica pain is troublesome enough to restrict the free movements and the people above 50 are prone to this type of back pain. Sciatica if very often misdiagnosed with any leg pain that results due to sports or any strenuous activities and often it becomes challenging to the doctors in making the right diagnosis.


Back pain due to Sciatica is mainly caused due to the compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve due to the herniated lumber discs. Other causes may be –
1. Spondylolithesis
2. Lumbar spinal stenosis
3. Spinal tumors
4. Trauma
5. Piriformis syndrome


The main symptoms that almost confirm sciatica is the pain in the posterior region of the thigh which is transmitted to the legs, ankles and foot and the pain is much worse than other lower back pains. The pain often causes numbness in the legs. In prolonged suffering of Sciatica, the pain becomes localized in the buttocks and in the back of the thighs.

Treatment for Sciatica

1. Sufficient rest reduces the sciatica pain as it helps in reducing the inflammation of the nerves.

2. Medications like analgesics and other muscle relaxing injections and sprays are applied to reduce the pains.

3. In some cases microsurgery is also applied to alleviate the sciatica pain.

4. Physiotherapy is recommended in many cases in treating sciatica.

5. Regular exercises go a long way in curbing the problem of Sciatica.

6. Application of heat and ice packs are also very handy in reducing the pain. Many benefit from the alternate heat and cold treatments.

7. External application of oil of wintergreen, which is rich in methyl salicylate is useful for its anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing sciatica.

8. Rubbing St. John’s Wort oil diluted with olive oil also gives good results.

9. In acute Sciatica, a hot bath of Stinging Nettle herb is very beneficial. The leaves must be soaked in water for 12 hours and the strained water must be heated for bathing.

10. Taking tea of Horsetail herb reduces the pain, as it helps in building connective tissue.

11. Tea of Chamomile herb is also beneficial for this process.

12. Drinking hot milk with 2-3 cloves of raw garlic crushed in it provides relief from severe Sciatica pain.

13. Rumatone Gold massage oil reduces the sciatica pain.

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