Back Pain Remedies: Free Yourself From Back Pain

Back pain remedies can provide you with the pain relief that you have been searching for. If you are the kind of person who spends a great deal of time sitting and slouching then you are no stranger to lower back pain. If you are a regular worker who does heavy lifting but fails to apply the proper body mechanics then it will not take long for you to experience some discomfort on your lower back.

Putting unnecessary strain on your back is one of the main reasons for the existence of this problem. Poor posture and poor body mechanics are also contributing factors. However, if you are suffering from this problem, there are back remedies available that will help ease the pain.

Traditionally, if you are experiencing some discomfort on your lower back people would recommend that you take a break and spend a few days in bed. However, studies have shown that instead of relieving the pain that you are experiencing, lying in bed only makes it worse.

Therefore, instead of recommending bed rest doctors now recommend that you remain active. Engaging in physical activities like walking and stretching are perfect back pain remedies.

Sometimes that pain in the lower back that you are experiencing is due to muscle spasms, muscle tension, and poor blood flow. If this is the case then you need something that will help relax the muscles and improve blood flow at the same time.

To help you achieve this you will need to apply heat on your back area. We all know that water is the best conductor of heat but that does not mean you should apply it directly on your skin.

In order to prevent skin burns, what you can do is soak a piece of cloth in hot or warm water, squeeze the water out and place the cloth on the affected area. Leave the piece of cloth in place for about 20 minutes or more. In the long list of back pain remedies, warm compress is one of the most effective.

The spinal column is the only part of the body the carries weight even when at rest. It also serves as the foundation for your frame. If you are overweight or obese, your spinal column carries more weight.

This additional weight will eventually strain the spinal column and you will begin to feel pain on your lower back. If you continue to put on weight, the pain that you are experiencing will get worst. Therefore, at this point the only remedy is to start losing weight.

Like machineries, your spinal column has a specific load capacity, which is in the form of your recommended or ideal weight. Diet and regular exercise will help you achieve your ideal weight. If your back problem is caused by your weight, even the best back pain remedies are useless because the only solution to this problem is to shed the pounds.

Sometimes the reason why you are suffering from this condition is because of poor posture in bed. The majority of us spend a good deal of time in bed. If your mattress fails to provide you with the back support that you need, you will eventually end up with severe back problems.

It may take some time before you start to feel that tingling feeling in your lower back, but it does not mean that sleeping in worn out mattresses is good for you. Therefore, before you suffer from this medical condition it is best that you change your old mattress now.

Buy those mattresses that are capable of supporting your back even as you sleep. It may be a deviation from the long list of back pain remedies, but as they always say, prevention is better than a cure.

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