Back Pain Relief Treatment, Causes and Symptoms that You Should Know

Back pain is such a common problem faced by many that can arise out of simple reasons, which are mostly left unheeded excepting those arising from the accidental injuries or aging. Most back pains are not serious and go away by applying simple remedies. If the underlying cause is age related arthritis or accident then it gives rise to grave situations demanding complex treatments with administration of drugs, injections, by wearing of specially made belts and undergoing frequent courses of physiotherapy. Herbal remedies in the form of oral supplements and massage are no less effective in providing the relief from pain in the back.


Back pains are serious botherations as they restrict the movement offering enough hindrance to carry out any work. Some symptoms are –
1. Pain in the back muscles, buttock that sometimes extend towards thighs and feet.
2. Stiffness and cramp in the muscles.
3. Feeling of pain while bending or moving.

1. Any physical injury that cause muscular sprain and strain.
2. Pressure exerted on the nerve roots when the pain extends below the thighs.
3. Age related arthritis
4. Degeneration of the spinal discs
5. Obesity
6. Spondylosis
7. Osteomyelitis
8. Pregnancy can also cause lower back pains.


Back pain of varying degrees can be treated by self care methods, herbal remedies and through different types of medications.

1. Backache can be reduced by sleeping on a firm bed without any mattress.

2. In severe pains complete bed rest is advised along with good sleep.

3. Exercising regularly and brisk walking helps in reducing the backache.

4. Certain yoga postures are also beneficial in treating this problem.

5. People whose work involves long hours of sitting must do some stretching and bending exercises to prevent backache.

6. Heat treatment through infrared rays is applied to get relief from backache.

7. Application of hot peppers and cayenne peppers is a very useful herbal remedy to get relief from backache. Pepper contains the active ingredient capsaicin, which helps in the release of pain reducing endorphins.

8. Taking equal proportions of the herb Black haw and Cramp bark in measured doses gives good results in relieving backache.

9. Taking Epsom salt bath is another good remedy for arthritis related back pain. Epsom gets absorbed by the skin resulting in an enhanced blood circulation.

10. The herb ginger contains about 12 anti-inflammatory compounds and so taking ginger tea regularly reduces the back pain to a great extent.

Other medications involve the administration of various analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and local application of pain relieving sprays.

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