Back Pain Relief – My First Bad Back Pain Experience

I have had a lot of back pain in my life. Now I know a lot about back pain relief. If you have been reading my blog and watching my videos you know a little about what I’ve gone through. If not, I can tell you that not many people have gone through what I have. Here is one example.   

This happened a few years before things got really bad. I was doing a lot of yoga at the time, as well as teaching a couple of classes. My girlfriend at the time was taking the yoga teachers training. She brought home some really great things from her classes, and I learned a lot from what she was learning.   

One class she was taking was on back care. She came home one day and told me that she learned that a wallet in the back pocket created a back problem for a lot of men.   

The issue is that the extra padding boosts the hip up when sitting so that the back is out of balance. This made perfect sense to me, and it still does.   

So, of course, I quit carrying my wallet in my back pocket. To this day I carry it in my front pocket. Much better for the back,and more comfortable too.   

Things actually felt better that way. For a day.   

Then, my back went completely haywire. I woke up one morning and tried to get out of bed. My back hurt so bad that I really couldn’t do anything at all. Eventually I had to get up to answer nature, but I literally couldn’t get up. I was forced to crawl to the bathroom. How humiliating.   

After a couple of days of lying around, I had to do something about that chronic back pain. I couldn’t work or even take care of myself. So, I reluctantly went to the chiropractor.   

I say reluctantly, because I a couple of years earlier a chiropractor friend did a chiropractic adjustment on me that I really didn’t need. That is, I wasn’t in pain at the time. But, the adjustment hurt, and I was uncomfortable for a few days after.   

Fortunately, the chiropractor I went to used an activator. That’s a tool that is spring loaded to produce a punch that knocks the joint back in place. This is a relatively gentle way to do an adjustment and brought me back pain relief at last.   

After the adjustment I went for a walk like the chiropractor told me to. Her training was that a walk helped to set the adjustment so it would hold better.   

So, I went for a short walk in the neighborhood of her office. The walk was much shorter than she had recommended though, because my back went right back out again, and I could barely make it back to her office. Fortunately my girlfriend was with me, and she was able to help me.   

She did another adjustment on me and told me I should go home and lie down this time. She also told me to ice the area to help with the swelling.   

By the time I was home it was out again. Chiropractic back pain therapy wasn’t working for me at all. I kept assuming it was because I had quit carring my wallet in my back pocket and that things just needed to settle into place again, so I waited for permanent back pain relief.   

The next day was no better. But, I really needed to get up and do something for my sanity. I just couldn’t lie around any more. So, my girlfriend and I went out to something or other.   

As I walked around I noticed that while my tendency was to slouch to protect my back, that if I lengthened  and stretched tall it would hurt for a few steps, but eventually it would feel much better. This seemed a much better back pain therapy than going to the chiropractor all the time. 

This was my first experience with doing something to adjust myself, but not the start of Self Adjusting Technique. It worked to a fair degree though.

But, if I sat down, even for a few seconds, my back would immediately start to hurt again. Then I would take a short painful walk pulling my body tall until it stopped hurting.

This went on for a couple of weeks. I went back to the chiropractor a couple of times, and eventually my back settled down and felt much better.

I had other incidents before the big one that forced me to figure out how to adjust almost every joint in the body. With what I now know, the wallet was very secondary to serious adrenal fatigue that was only starting to manifest at that time.

There’s plenty of information about adrenal fatigue and how to deal with it on my blog, as well as a wealth of free back pain information — Be sure to get the free book, Back Pain Secrets, at the site, there’s a tab for signing up for free back pain information.

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