Back Pain ? Applying Reflexology To Alleviate The Pain

If you suffer from continuous back pain you will be well aware of how annoying, uncomfortable and restrictive it can be. When you have back pain people treat you differently. They are always saying “be careful with this” or “you should not be lifting anything too heavy”. It is like everyone wants to be your nurse. Then, there are all the recommendations that you get from everyone you meet who swears by this treatment or that treatment to help with your back pain.

As back pain affects a lot of people there are many different types of conventional methods to treat the condition. You may have tried a few of or all of these treatments. They may have been successful or some having no effect at all. However, many people who have back pain are turning to alternative methods to relieve their discomfort. Some people have completely stopped using conventional treatments altogether and use alternative methods instead, while some people combine the two treatments together.

As with conventional methods there are many alternative methods available.  In this article I will focus on an increasingly popular method called reflexology.

The basis of reflexology (which can also be referred to as reflex zone therapy) is the massaging of the underside or sole of the feet. The reason for this is that with reflexology it is believed that certain points on the sole and toes of the feet or connected to the major organs and bone structures of the body. Each foot is divided up into different sections or zones that are connected to specific organs and bones within the body. It is believed that due to energy imbalances and blockages in the organs the body is more susceptible to illness and infection. By massaging certain points on the feet the idea is to pinpoint where the problems lie and then solve them by helping to re-balance the energy.

When going for a reflexology session you will be given a consultation to assesses your current health and problem. Your feet will be examined and the reflexologist will begin to finger massage certain points on your feet where the problem is believed to originate from. 
If you suffer from back pain then the reflexologist will massage the inside edges of your big toes as this is the point on your foot that corresponds to your back. When you do it for the first time you may find the pressure being applied to your feet uncomfortable especially, if they are sensitive. After a while you will become use to it and it will be begin to be more relaxing.

There is no medical evidence that states that reflexology works however, many people who have used it have found that it did relieve their back pain.


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