Back Pain and the Adjustable Bed

The kind of bed that you sleep on can make a huge difference how good you sleep at night. A bed that has a mattress which doesn’t provide sufficient spine support may cause muscle fatigue and result in a bad night’s sleep. However, a bed that has a good mattress will permit you to keep the same spinal alignment that is natural that you should have when you are standing. If your body is permitted in this natural position, the muscles will be relaxed and you will get a good night’s sleep. However, lying flat isn’t always comfortable for patients who have back pain. The answer for these patients may be the adjustable bed. Some of the features of an adjustable bed may help patients with back pain get a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed is different than a standard flat bed since they permit the user to change the angle of incline of the foot and the head. This slight incline of the head along with additional support under the knees, can help to reduce pain, especially back and leg pain. The first thing that you should do when you consider an adjustable bed is to determine if you are more comfortable in an inclined or upright position while sleeping in that position for the whole night. The way to do this is to use two pillows to try the position for a night. The adjustable bed might be a good selection for you if the inclined position helps to reduce your pain. One other way is to take advantage of the trial period that many makes of adjustable beds offer or buy an adjustable bed from a manufacturer who offers a money back guarantee. There are also many other features available on some adjustable beds, including: • A programmable memory controller that permits you to return to a position that you selected previously. • A massage system that is built in that has variable speeds and shuts off automatically. • A positioning system that allows you to position your legs above your heart. • A split based design that permits your partner and you to recline at independent angles. Don’t forget that the most important thing about what you sleep on is you being comfortable. You shouldn’t be tossing and turning all night as you do in a standard flat mattress. If you are, an adjustable bed might just be a good selection for you if you find that a somewhat inclined position is comfortable.

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