Back Pain and Balls – Part 1

With back pain we all have different ways of dealing with it depending on how severe it is. It may be lower back pain, middle or upper back pain or neck and shoulder pain. It depends on how much pain we are in.

For instance, if we a little shoulder pain, just a twinge, then we may just rub it a few times and think nothing of it. However, if it is a start to something that may develop into something more severe then we cannot really afford to ignore it. Our bodies are really excellent with taken on board imbalances, a little ache here and there just dismiss it as a layer. We tend to just bury it, and then over a period of time that layer gets deeper.

Then we have another little ache or pain and we do the same thing and bury it further. The body then takes a view and says they are not listening to our body so we will now may the ailment/pain more stronger, to a point that will incapacitate us. The body may just lock up.

It may be that when it starts out small, this is the pain or stiffness etc that it’s not worth the bother and it will go away. Sometimes this is true, if it does go away and not buried that’s great. If it does just that.

If we an office worker at the keyboard for example, a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain come from these professions and are ignored by office managers and are a real concern. Offices, work places that are not conducive to how the body needs to be, posture etc are losing money big time through loss of time off because of injury.

The companies with foresight are winning hands down who do concern themselves with getting it right for their employees. A stress less employee is a happy employee and will be more productive than one who has stress. This is not new, it’s been around for decades and companies still ignore the welfare of their employees to their cost.

A simple thing as a tennis ball could work wonders to avert any stress in the neck and shoulders as well as back pain, again depending on how severe it is. Let’s take s situation of shoulder pain as we are dealing with workers in the office as such.

Let’s say that we have pain developing in our left shoulder or both, you choose. What I am to suggest please keep an open mind.

Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher. Glen is a yoga expert who loves to teach you how to lose your neck, shoulder or back pain with yoga. Dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back Pain.

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