Back pain

Back pain is the most common cause of absence from work and most often are caused by lifting heavy objects, twisting, improper position or even a lack of support when we’re right back down or in bed. Pain results when back muscles are stretched or too tense and spastic right to prevent further stretching of the ligaments. Put any extra pressure can cause back pain: pregnancy, obesity, a shorter leg, the habit of carrying on one shoulder and shoulder to keep a higher or even a particular emotion.

Back pain can be localized as in lumbago (back pain below the waist), sciatica (pain radiating from the lower back and buttocks to the foot down), cervical spondylosis (neck pain and stiffness of) or can be serve as the flu (when accompanied by headache, neck, fever) or osteoarthritis especially in older people.
The sciatic nerve is formed by branches coming from the lumbar spine and buttocks and legs are resposabil innervating both muscle function and sensation to perception. It can be painful if there is compression or pressure on it. This is caused by a degeneration of the intervertebral disc or by thickening or deformation of vertebral osteoarthritis, or by ossification of the intervertebral joint in ankylosing spondylitis, etc..

Homeopathic treatment of back pain due to tension or stress is constitutional and bring fast relief to many people who suffer from pain not responding to allopathic medicine or to try to avoid surgery.

Homeopathic remedies listed below are used to treat acute painful sciatica. Select the remedy that shows symptoms similar to the dumneavoastraa. No need to present all the symptoms listed on that remedy. Take 5 pellets of 6C remedy in dilution than in one or two hours, 5-6 times per day, NAP notice an improvement. When thinning is to improve the frequency of administration and a NDA you better stop completely. If symptoms after repeated persistaa try another remedy. Remedies to take at least 30 minutes before or one hour after eating, do not touch by hand and in under limbaa until dissolved. Do not use peppermint in toothpaste, chewing gum, tea, chocolate, cough drops, etc..

The following remedies are often indicated in acute sciatica:
Hypericum: indicated in sciatica after a fall or hitting the spine or the “tail”. Sharp pain like a flash the entire length of nerve, aggravated by touch, movement, jolts, cold, sitting on the stool and relieved by bending backward.
Colocynthis: a flash of pain down the leg to the knee or heel, with tingling or numbness, and that is more intense at night, motion, cold or wet weather, improved heat and bend the leg. The patient is restless.
Route: deep pain “as if it were broken” that radiates on the outside of the thigh, after an injury. Pain, burning, biting worse sitting, lying, upon standing, cold and wet at night and relieved by moving, walking and pressure.
Kalma: sharp pain, flash radiating down the leg and prevents the patient to walk. Pain moves, does not have a precise location and occurs after a cold is aggravated by movement, cold at night and relieved the heat, resting supine and standing.
Magnesia phosphorica: lightning in his right leg pain, improved heat and worse cough.
Tellurium: acute sciatica or discopathy sensitive column on the right. Muscle contraction in the leg and knee with worsening cough, sneeze, lying on painful side, bending or stretching, touch.

Subacute and chronic sciatica remedies:
Ammonium muriaticum pain worse sitting, standing and improved best lying down. Pain heartbreaking to the top of the toes and heel, knee stretching difficulty because tendons seem to be shortened, with worsening in the right and slightly improved abrasion, sleep and work.
Rhus tox: burning pain, heartbreaking state after stretching or moisture. Foot seems dead wood, numb and stiff, with cramps and is worse after rest upon rising in the morning and the cold damp weather and better from motion, heat and light massage.
Gnaphalium: neuralgia pain followed by numbness and cramps in the affected leg that goes from the hip on the back foot to toes. Worse from motion and relief at rest and sat down with feet elevated.

Bogdan Stefan Casmb – Director General, Health Insurance House Bucharest


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