Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Since a lot of manual workers have problems with their backs due to excessive stress, exercises for lower back pain can help them a lot if they learn how to do them correctly.

One of the exercises for lower back pain you can stretch and bolster your back just by sitting on an exercise ball with your feet flat on the floor. Start by lifting just your heels from the floor, one at a time. Then raise each foot, then each leg up higher and higher. Do not go up high enough to cause more pain, as the goal is back stretching not making the difficulty worse.

Do some arm circling motions to loosen up your shoulders. Doing this at the beginning of the exercise regimen and at the end will serve as your warm up and cooling down exercises.

These exercises should be done in a controlled fashion to stretch and strengthen not only your back muscles but also your abdominals. These targeted exercises improve coordination and develop better posture as a result of the strengthened back and abdominal muscles. Exercises that are targeted specifically for treating lower back problems have been shown to be the best for protective treatment.

To take this exercise to the next level, as before make the contraction nice and hard by exaggerating the curve in the back, lift the pelvis off the ground towards the ceiling into the bridge position, supporting through your shoulders.

Of course, after you have healed the spinal issues, you can try exercises for lower back pain that will allow you to eliminate future problems and heal a little quicker than you might have otherwise. With so much to consider, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t. You simply need to take the time to figure out what kind of pain you have, why that pain started, where it’s coming from, and which issues will be best for your specific needs.

Most back pains are caused by an imbalance between muscular strength and muscular flexibility. With yoga, you can work on both-but keep in mind you cannot do all yoga poses. You will have to check with your doctor first which poses are safe for you to do and which ones are not.

Do the same sequence, but use your wrists as a fulcrum. On the down stretch, point your pelvis toward the floor, and let your neck and head tuck in. On the up stretch, point your butt toward the ceiling, and let your neck and head stretch up too. Some people find it’s easier to picture this sequence as a snake arching out and contracting.

Another good stretch to do starts in the same position, feet slightly apart. You want to place your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing down and bend backwards as far as you can without bending your knees. Hold that position for about five seconds and then slowly come up to the starting position again.

Another clear benefit of doing a stretching exercise for lower back pain [] is it can help prevent future injuries. How many different medications can boast that claim? When working on giving your back muscles more strength your also reducing the chances of injuring them with the many stresses we give our backs on a daily basis.

When done correctly and with sufficient weight, the leg press can be a very effective exercise. But most gym goers throw on a ton of weight, aren’t very flexible and try to feed their ego by pushing some big weight. When doing this they are very likely to lift their lower back off the pad that is keeping the integrity of the spine. When this happens with all that weight on the leg press, injuries will happen.

These exercises for lower back pain should help you to experience pain relief and could result in better posture. They have also proven to be effective at strengthening not only the lower back muscles, but also the abdominals as well.

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