A Simple Back Pain Cure

Why is back pain so common and a back pain cure so hard to find? Well I have some good news finally, below is a simple technique you can use now to relieve pain. Just imagine the relief when your pain eases, you can get out and about and enjoy life yet again.

Can I warn you first?

What I’m about to show you will help with pain relief now. Only briefly, but it will ease it. My warning is this.

Please act now, don’t ease your pain and then stop. Don’t wish or hope it away, because it just won’t go away. You literally need to do something about it. You truly do need to find the cause and then remove it.

I read recently the latest backpain statistics. They said that right now, at this point in time,over 47% of adults have back pain. Worse still, most of those go on to have chronic pain. All because only the symptoms were treated, not the cause.

Relieving pain is easy, first you find the cause, and then you rebalance your muscles and joints and finally improve your healing and recovery rate. It is that simple. But I digress…

Like I said, what you can do now to relieve backpain is the following. The method below is a very simple and quick back pain cure.

Stand up with your arms stretched out wide. Have your feet shoulder width apart. Then slowly turn as far as your can in one direction. At the end (stop when you feel a pulling sensation, not pain), hold there for 2 seconds and the turn in the opposite direction.

If you do this for 2 minutes, you will notice two things: first you can turn more and more, secondly your pain eases.

By doing this you are actually stretching the entire spine and especially the smaller muscles around the joints that are tight and tender. It should relieve back pain quickly, then you should find the underlying causes and remove them.

I always tell my clients and patients the same thing. The biggest cause of pain is not taking action. If you don’t remove your pain now, chronic back pain is likely. Any back pain cure is better than none. Use the techniques above to relieve pain now, while you find and remove the cause.

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