7 Golden Rules For Dealing With Back Pain

Ergonomics in the workplace back pain are among the worst cost drivers in health care. Remember to avoid these 7 golden rules for dealing with back pain and help you avoid unnecessary tests and ineffective treatments!

Rule 1: Remove Fear! Back pain is common and make many sufferers fear. In most cases, nothing bad lies behind it. Very often there is muscle tension as a result of poor posture, overwork, stress and lack of exercise.

Rule 2: Warning note! Back pain is rarely an expression of a serious illness. With careful questioning and examination, the doctor can detect warning signs for serious causes of time. Additional tests such as X-rays or laboratory are unnecessary in the great majority of cases. Much more important is that the patient takes responsibility for his back and if necessary change his behavior.

Rule 3: Drugs specifically use! The patient needs to know that it is not dangerous, physical activity, even in some pain as quickly as possible to resume. This will be supported with medication as needed. Suitable are simple, non-prescription painkillers and, if necessary paracetamolhaltige prescription, pain and steriod drugs with a high safety profile, such as nimesulide (“Nisulid”). If pain medications are necessary, they should not wait unnecessarily until everything is painful and tense, but early enough in high doses and for a limited use, so the vicious cycle of pain, care for and tension can be broken quickly.

Rule 4: No bed rest! Bed rest is not recommended, or possibly only for one to two days a painless position. A possible disability must be set for a short, clearly defined duration. Very important a rapid resumption of normal daily activities, despite continuing pain, to be made by the treatment as tolerable as possible. Self-treatments, for example with hot or cold packs are useful and cost nothing.

Rule 5: Keep moving! Spinal mobilization and manipulation can affect the pain cheap and accelerate the recovery of functionality. In movement therapy, active measures to muscle stretching, gentle mobilization exercises, relaxation techniques and then strength training makes sense. Most important is what makes the person himself. recommended accessories are also running, biking and walking.

Rule 6: Chronic prevent internal! If the patient is dissatisfied with the treatment, he consulted several doctors and there is a disability of more than six weeks duration, it is high time for a multi-disciplinary, so called integrated interdisciplinary assessment and intensive rehabilitation.

Rule 7: Despite the pain not unlearn the life! If it is ensured that no specific cause is present, further investigations only for new physical symptoms are meaningful. In such cases, the great art is that doctor and patient work together to turn the pain of a possible deal with all possible measures well, put on the other hand every effort to remain active in all aspects.


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