3 Best Exercises to Avoid and Prevent Back Pain

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain. In fact the only condition that is seen more in the Doctor’s office is the common cold. Billions of dollars are spent on medications, vitamins, treatments surgeries that just do not work. People do not realize that there are tried and true exercises that have been shown to prevent muscular aches and sciatica. Below are the 3 best exercises that I have found to prevent back pain.

Exercise # 1:

In the early morning and before bed time lie on the floor and one leg at a time bring your knee to your chest and hold it there for two minutes. Remember to this when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Exercise # 2:

Again in the early morning and before you go to bed at night lie on your stomach and gently push your upper torso off of the floor while leaving you’re your pelvis and lower torso on the floor. This exercise is known as the cobra in the world of yoga and McKenzie extension in lying in the Physical Therapy world. Hold this position for one minute then relax for a minute then repeat if for one more minute.

Exercise # 3:

There is no better exercise than bicycle riding to strengthen the core muscles of the body. Bike riding strengthens the abdominal muscles, leg muscles and even the gluteus muscles and back muscles. These muscles help support the spine and the spinal discs and prevent injuries to the low back.

So there you have it in my personal experience the best and easiest exercises that you can do every day to prevent those aches and pains.

The first two exercises stretch and elongate the spine and help decompress the spine and un-pinch nerves and the third exercise strengthen all the core muscles of the body to help prevent injuries.

There are many more exercises you could to prevent back pain.

You can read more

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