11 Tips For Back Pain Relief

Most back pain is self-inflicted, meaning years of bad posture, too little exercise and bad lifting habits which finally catch up with you.  Try these simple lifestyle changes – don’t implement them all at once, work on one or two until you have mastered them all.

1.   Exercise regularly,  shoot for 30 minutes of  aerobic exercise three or four times a week.  I know  you’ve heard this before; but are you doing it? Walking is great.  Stretch before and after.

2.  Stand up straight – you’ve heard this since you were a kid, but it is true.  When you sit, don’t let

your knees be higher than you buttocks.  This causes your back to curve.  

3.  Don’t bend and twist your back when doing chores.  Move your arms and legs smoothly.   Use lightweight tools with long handles.

4.  When unloading the dishwasher, pivot on your feet so that you keep your hips and shoulders in line and bend at the knees and hips.

5.  To reach a high shelf, put your feet in a staggered stance. Push off from the back foot and keep hips and shoulders in line.  Don’t life heavy objects above your shoulders.  

6.  Do not sleep on your stomach.  If you must then put a pillow under your stomach to keep

your back straight.  Put a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back.  The best position is on the side with your legs drawn up slightly.  You can use a pillow under your head and between your knees.  Be sure to have a good and firm mattress.

7.  Lift items from the ground, squat with a straight back while bending your knees. Let your legs do the lifting.

8.  Kick the high heel habit – wear shoes with good support or purchase insoles.

9.  Stretch your back daily.

a.   Sit back in a chair.  Straighten and lift your legs and then flex your feet and ankles.

b.  Stand up and place your hands about a shoulder width apart on a table.  Arch your back  like a cat – look at the floor then push your back downward and look at the ceiling.

10.   Lose weight – I know easier said than done.  There are organic products that help!!!

11.  Give up cigarettes.  Research show that smoking decreases blood flow which in turn means  more risk of injury.  

It’s hard to take but most of our problems are a direct reflection of the way we treat our bodies.  Take baby steps to respect and care for your body and you will feel the improvements over time.

My name is Sola Prince, I’m a Wellness Specialist who is dedicated to seeing people improve their health naturally. For more helpful information visit: http://www.FastJointPainRelief.com

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